Vladimir Alenikov: We made a film about Hollywood

On October 5, the legendary Chinese theater on Hollywood Boulevard premiere of the film Garbage. We met with one of its producers, the famous Russian film director, writer, producer and screenwriter Vladimir Alenikovym, and asked to tell the story of the creation of this painting.

- Our readers know you as a director of many famous Russian films, including "There was a tune," "The Adventures of Petrov and Vasechkina", "Vacation of Petrov and Vasechkina", "right people", "Bindyuzhnik and King." What made you decide to take up producing this picture?

- I would like to first stop at the premiere of the film, because the event that in itself is rather unusual. The fact that the picture in the American version has the name of Garbage, and in Russian and European theaters, which I hope will happen, will be called "Hollywood trash" low-budget. And the fact that it premiered at the famed Chinese theater is unique. Never before has this cinema, which are usually held the premiere blockbusters, did not open its doors for the film with a small by Hollywood scale and budget, independent film production company filmed.

- How did this happen?

- Firstly, the film drew its plot - this is it about Hollywood. Second, it mattered that the shootings took part in the Hollywood stars who have played themselves: Michael Madsen, Billy Baldwin, Derrill Hanna, Steven Bauer, and others. They agreed to it because they liked the script and they believed in the director. The stars of this level is extremely rare in the film shot on a budget.

- In fact, they almost nothing agreed to take part in the filming, which speaks well for your painting.

- Yes, for a token that is called a fee. But our movie is not quite common for a Hollywood premiere. To begin with, that he created came from Russia. As the author of the script and the director gave my beloved disciple Philip Walken, he - my son. «Garbage» - his debut in cinema, before he shot just short films. I was the producer of the picture on the Russian side, and worked with American producer Alina Shraibman, also a native of the former Soviet Union. Co-producer of the film - a famous Russian producer Alexander Golutva. The film is an independent film company American Filmmuse, which this was created.

- What is this movie?

- The plot of our picture is not quite common. In Hollywood, removed a lot of films about how to make a film in a brilliant career and go through the thorns to the stars. But never on the big screen tells the story such as this - the two scavengers who work in Beverly Hills and once found in a garbage Oscar statuette. Moreover, it is - a real "Oscar", owned by a famous Hollywood actor Kyuubi Gooding Jr., whom he had received for her performance as supporting actress in the film "Tony McGuire". From this start, and incredible adventures of our heroes. The film is a kind of satire on Hollywood. Many dream of Hollywood, not thinking about the glory that, in fact, is nothing like a big bubble, and everything connected with it, there's a downside. This film - a comedy, but it is not a lightweight. This story, despite the irony, which it is imbued with a very touching and humanly good. It touches different strings of the soul, and while watching the audience is laughing, sadness, and left the hall very impressed by what he saw. After the premiere, we have taken many compliments, comments were the most enthusiastic, and I hope that this will be the beginning of Philip of his great career in film. And we are now left to overcome the last step of our work.

- What do you mean?

– The fact is that in every film-maker, there are three important and difficult step. The first is to ensure that run the project, ie find or write a script and interest to them those who provide its funding. Then comes the second stage - to make a good picture. And the third should bring this painting to the viewer, in other words - to sell the film to distributors. The first two stages were over, so now we have to throw the final.

– The last fight, he most difficult?

- Well, not very difficult, but not easy. The work is a lot.

- The film, if it will buy, will go on small screens or hope to get big?

- On the broad American theaters, we particularly do not count because it's not a blockbuster. In this film there is no murder, sex, car chases, shootouts, so most likely we can hope for limited rental.

- If we recall that the films of Woody Allen often are in such rooms, like the neighborhood can be proud of. Vladimir, tell us a little about his son, as it is - it's debut.

- Philip came to me in Los Angeles at age 14. He graduated from film school at the university here, but I can proudly say that I learned a lot from him, passing his cinematic experience, and is happy that his son followed in my footsteps. To the "Hollywood trash" Philip did short films, the latest - "The Great Venice Robbery" - filmed it at his own script. The film is made with a great sense of humor, was presented at Cannes and other festivals, including the All-Russia festival of short films in the "Best short film world."

- How did you come to Los Angeles?

- I was the first Soviet film director, formally invited to Hollywood to film. The proposal followed a surprisingly great success at the International Film Festival in Los Angeles, my movie-musical "The King and Bindyuzhnik." I signed the contract, he came here with my family and in 1991 made his first American film "Time of Darkness" (in Russian box office, he was named "Feofania that draws death"), with George Segal and Tamara Tana in the lead roles. My last American movie "Gun (from 6 to 7:30 pm)" represented the U.S. at the World Film Festival of Montreal and received many awards around the world. But we are now - not me.

- Why not? And about you too. The film's success largely depends on the producer, but you seem to have coped well with its task. Congratulations to your family with a cinematic victory and wish further creative achievements.


Interview by Alexandra Sokolovsky, Los Angeles.

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